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Lucky – not

I am not one who plays the lottery regularly, but I do enjoy playing a scratch-off ticket every once in a while. When I lived in Virginia, I would pick up a $1 scratch off when I paid for my gas on the way home from work. I never won much, a dollar back here, two dollars there. I won $20 one time.

I moved to Tennessee in 2008. I believe the Tennessee Lottery is rigged. Given the laws of probability, it’s just not possible to lose as many games as I have. To save time, I should just have lottery loses deducted directly out of my pay, just like taxes are. My odds of winning are the same as if I picked through losing tickets thrown out in the parking lot dumpster. But I’ll let you be the judge. Here is my most recent scratch-off. To win, you must match one of the winning numbers , in this case, 26 or 24, to one of the other ten numbers.

As you can see, the number 26 wins a prize because it matches the number 26 printed in the red circle. My reward is circled in red.



McDonald’s Monopoly game piece – peel it to win

MacDonald’s launched their 20th annual Monopoly game contest in 2012. When you buy certain food and drink items from McDonald’s, you get two or four game pieces attached to the packaging. You peel the game pieces off to reveal either an instant win coupon or a monopoly property card that you can try to collect for a big prize.

  My daughter has always been lucky when it comes to games of chance. One Christmas, when she was about 10, she wanted to hang around the department store after we bought our Christmas gifts so she could win a door prize. I tried my best to discourage her so we could go home, but she begged, and so we stayed. She won the door prize — a diamond tennis bracelet worth about $200.

  The other night, we were eating at McD’s, and my daughter pulls her Monopoly game pieces from her drink cup. A WINNER! She wins a free Tropical Smoothie.

Now remember, my daughter is very lucky when it comes to games of chance.

   She goes up to the counter to claim it, and she comes back with a Tropical Smoothie for me and a large vanilla milk shake for herself. “What happened?” I asked. “The guy behind the counter made another customer the wrong drink, so he let me have it for free.” WINNER! Oh and, by the way, the milk shake he gave her had two more Monopoly pull-off pieces. You guessed it. WINNER! – She wins a free order of fries to go with that milk shake and smoothie.

   So what did I get on my drink cup Monopoly pull-offs? Luxury tax and GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL.